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Manzur Milena

Assistant Researcher
Plant Physiology
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Manzur Milena Biologist, M. Sc, Doctor Head of Practical Work - Simple / Partial Regular Assistant Researcher-IIB-UNSAM CONICET

Research Interest

Plant Physiology


  • Manzur ME; Hall AJ; Chimenti CA. 2014. Root lodging tolerance in Helianthus annuus (L.): associations with morphological and mechanical attributes of roots. Plant and Soil 381: 71-83.

  • Manzur ME; Grimoldi AA;Insausti P; Striker GG. 2014. Radial oxygen loss and physical barriers in relation to root tissue age in species with different types of aerenchyma. Functional Plant Biology 42: 9-17

  • Sutka MR, Manzur ME, Vitali VA, Micheletto S, Amodeo G. 2016. Evidence for the involvement of hydraulic root or shoot adjustments as mechanisms underlying water deficit tolerance in two Sorghum bicolor genotypes. Journal of Plant Physiology 192: 13-20.

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