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María Verónica Rodríguez

Assistant Researcher
Physiology of Plants
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Doctor of the University of Buenos Aires, area of ​​Biological Sciences. FCEyN, 2008 Degree in Biological Sciences. FCEyN of the University of Buenos Aires, 1998 Charges / scholarships Assistant Researcher at CONICET since November 2008. Place of work: IFEVA (FAUBA-CONICET). Director: Dr. RLBenech-Arnold Head of Practical Work with Partial dedication (interim position, alternate, Leg 159.896). Assistant of First with partial dedication (regular position) in the chair of "Physiology of the Plants" of the Depto. Applied Biology and Food Sciences. FAUBA 2000 - 2003: FONCyT postgraduate scholarship, IDB 102 OC-AR No. 06609 2003 - 2007: Doctorate Scholarship UBA. Director: Dr. RL Benech-Arnold 2007 - 2008: Scholarship type II CONICET 2006: Banco Río Award for Research / Scholarship for Applied Research for Regional Development (category researchers inception). Project Status: Completed 2009: First prize for the best doctoral thesis on seeds awarded by the Argentine Seeders Association (ASA) 2010: PICT Young Bicentennial (beginning in 2011). "Role of SbGAmyb alternative transcripts in sorghum seeds" Project in progress. Role: Principal Investigator

Research Interest

Physiological and molecular basis of dormancy in seeds


  • Rodriguez, MV , GM Mendiondo, R. Cantoro, GA Auge, V. Luna, O. Masciarelli, and RL Benech-Arnold. 2012. Expression of seed dormancy in grain Sorghum lines with contrasting pre-harvest sprouting behavior involves differential regulation of gibberellin metabolism genes. Plant and Cell Physiology 53: 64-80

  • Cantoro, R., CD Crocco, RL Benech-Arnold, and MV Rodriguez . 2013. In vitro binding of Sorghum bicolor transcription factors ABI4 and ABI5 to a conserved region of GA 2-OXIDASE promoter: possible role of this interaction in the expression of seed dormancy. Journal of Experimental Botany

  • Benech-Arnold, R., MV Rodriguez , and D. Batlla. 2013. Seed Dormancy Seed dormancy and Agriculture / agricultural agriculture, Physiology. Pages 1425-1435 in P. Christou, R. Savin, B. Costa-Pierce, I. Misztal, and CB Whitelaw, editors. Sustainable Food Production. Springer New York

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