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Marina Omacini

Associate Professor
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Degree in Biological Sciences. 1990. Center of High Studies in Exact Sciences (CAECE) Magister Scientiae in Natural Resources. 1997. School for Graduates of the Faculty of Agronomy (EPG, FAUBA). Director: Rolando JC León Doctor of the University of Buenos Aires, Agricultural Sciences area. 2005. Graduate School "Ing. Agr. Alberto Soriano", Faculty of Agronomy (EPG, FAUBA). Director: Enrique M. Chaneton Charges Deputy Researcher, CONICET Associate Professor at the Ecology Chair, Faculty of Agronomy, UBA

Research Interest

Ecology of grasslands and agroecosystems Dynamics and functioning of communities Symbiosis between plants and microorganisms


  • Druille M, PA García Parisi, RA Golluscio, FP Cavagnaro, M Omacini . 2016. Repeated annual glyphosate applications may impair beneficial microorganisms in temperate grassland. Agriculture, Ecosystem and Environment 230: 184-190.

  • Garcia Parisi, P, F Lattanzi, A Grimoldi, M. Omacini . 2017. Three symbionts mediate indirect plant-soil feedback: Epichloid endophytes and mycorrhizal fungi affect the performance of rhizobia-legume symbiosis. Plant and Soil 412: 151-162

  • Garcia Parisi, P and M Omacini . 2017. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi can shift plant-soil feedback from grass-endophyte symbiosis from negative to positive. Plant and Soil

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