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Mark Texeira

Head of practical works
Department of Quantitative Methods and Information Systems
Universidad de Buenos Aires


1997. Degree in Biological Sciences, Faculty of Sciences, University of the Republic (UDELAR) Montevideo, Uruguay 2001. Magister in Biological Sciences Ecology option, PEDECIBA, Montevideo, Uruguay 2005-2010. Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Graduate School Alberto Soriano, Faculty of Agronomy, University of Buenos Aires Scholarships 1999-2001. PEDECIBA post-graduate trainee, Montevideo Uruguay 2005-2007. PhD student, Project PICT 0812186 (ANPCyT) 2007-2009. CONICET Fellow. Type II Postgraduate Scholarship 2010-2012. Postdoctoral Fellow CONICET, GEA-IMASL Charges 1999-2000. Assistant, grade 1, 20 hours. Unit of Functional Ecology, Faculty of Sciences, UDELAR Montevideo, Uruguay 2005-2010. First assistant with simple dedication. Department of Quantitative Methods and Information Systems. FAUBA 2010-present. Head of practical works with partial dedication. Department of Quantitative Methods and Information Systems. FAUBA 2010-present. Research Associate SNI, Uruguay 2013-present. Assistant Researcher, CONICET

Research Interest

Ecology of populations NRM Statistical and simulation models


  • M. Texeira , M. Oyarzabal, G. PiƱeiro, S. Baeza and J. Paruelo. 2015 Land cover and precipitation controls over long-term trends in South American temperate grassland biomes. Ecosphere 6 (10): 1-21

  • Irisarri, G., M. Texeira and J. Reeves. 2016, It is okay to be average when quantifying rangeland dynamics, Comment on: Easdale, MH & Bruzzone, O. 2015: Anchored in 'average thinking' in studies of arid rangeland dynamics - The need to step forward from traditional measures of variability . J. Arid. Environ.116: 77-81, Journal of Arid Environments 124: 10-12

  • Paruelo, J., M. Texeira , L. Staiano, M. Mastrangelo, L. Amdan and F. Gallego. 2016. From ecosystem functioning to ecosystem services. Ecological Indicators 71: 145-154

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