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Martin Oesterheld

Full Professor
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Agronomist Engineer, 1981 Faculty of Agronomy, UBA, Argentina Doctor of Philosophy in Biology, 1990, Department of Biology, Syracuse University, United States of America Charges Full Professor, full time, Chair of Ecology, Faculty of Agronomy, University of Buenos Aires Senior Researcher, CONICET. IFEVA

Research Interest

Grassland Ecology


  • Pizzio, R., C. Herrero-Jáuregui, M. Pizzio and M. Oesterheld . 2016. Impact of stocking rate on species diversity andcomposition of a subtropical grassland in Argentina. Applied Vegetation Science 19, 454-461.

  • During, M., G. Piñeiro, G. Irisarri, M., Oesterheld . 2017. Primary production of lowland natural grasslands and upland sown pastures across a narrow climatic gradient. Ecosystems 20, 543-552.

  • Cavagnaro, R., M. Ripoll, A. Godeas, M. Oesterheld , A. Grimoldi. 2017. Patchiness of grass mycorrhizal colonization in the Patagonian steppe. J. Arid Environments 137, 46-49.

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