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Martin Roberto Aguiar

Associate professor
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Agricultural Engineer, 1981 Faculty of Agronomy, UBA Argentina Magister Scientiae, 1991, Natural Resources, School for Graduates of the Faculty of Agronomy, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina Doctor of Philosophy in Ecology, 1995, Department of Range Science, Colorado State University, United States of America Charges Principal investigator, CONICET. 2011 - present Associate professor. 2017 - present Director of the Specialization in Pastoral Systems Management 2001-2010. Alberto Soriano Graduate School Director of the Graduate School Alberto Soriano 2009-2017

Research Interest

Ecology of grasslands. Ecology, management and conservation of plant populations. Spatial organization and processes in plant communities. Structure and functioning of rural socio-ecosystems


  • Graff, B. Pamela and Martín R. Aguiar 2017. Do species' strategies and type of stress predict net positive effects in an arid ecosystem? Ecology. 98 (3): 794-806

  • Gaitán, JJ, Bran, D., Oliva, G., Aguiar, MR , G. Buono, D. Ferrante, V. Nakamatsu, G. Ciari, J. Salomone, V. Massara, G. García Martínez, Maestre, FT 2017. Aridity and overgrazing have convergent effects on ecosystem structure and functioning in Patagonian rangelands. Land Degradation & Development.

  • Reyes, MF and MR Aguiar . 2017. Root proliferation strategies and exploration of soil patchiness in arid communities. Austral Ecology

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