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Mazía Cristina Noemi

Universidad de Buenos Aires


Agronomic Engineer. Agronomy faculty. U.B.A Postgrads studies: - MSc. Natural Resources Awarded by the University of Buenos Aires. 29- 12- 1997 - Doctor of the University of Buenos Aires. 2/16/04 Knowledge of languages: English (read - write - speak) Scholarships obtained: - Initiation Card. Institution: CONICET. Topic: Growth Potential of Eucalyptus camaldulensis in hydrohalomorphic soils of the Rio Salado Basin. Director: Ing. Agr. Oscar Santanatoglia. Period: 1991/93.

Research Interest

Secondary succession mechanisms in pampas fields


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  • Chaneton, E.J., C. Noemí Mazía, M. Machera, A. Uchitel, y C.M.Ghersa. 2004. Establishment of Honey Locust (Gleditsia triacanthos) in Burned pampean grasslands. Weed Technology 18: 1325-1329.

  • Mazía, C.N.,Chaneton, E.J.; León, R.J.C. y C.M. Ghersa. 2001. Limits to tree species establishment in pampean grassland and forest plant communities. Oecologia 128:594-602.

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