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Miralles Daniel Julio

Cereal Farming
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Miralles Daniel Julio is an University professor in the department of Cereal Farming at Buenos Aires' University and faculty of Agronomy

Research Interest

Cereal Farming


  • GarcĂ­a, G. A., Appendino, M. L., Serrago, R. A., Helguera, M., Vanzetti, L., Lombardo, L., Miralles, D. J.(2011) Variability of pre-anthesis phases as a strategy for increasing grain number in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Field Crop Res.124: 408-416

  • Gonzalez F.G., Miralles D.J y Slafer G. A. (2011) Wheat floret survival as related to pre-anthesis spike growth. (Journal of Experimental Botany 62 (14): 1-13 I

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