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Natalia Verónica Laspina

Assistant of first ad honorem
Industrial Crops
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Doctor in Biological Sciences (UNR) - 2009 Biochemistry (UBA) - 2005 Scholarships / Grants Assistant Researcher at CONICET Assistant of first ad honorem, Chair of Industrial Crops, FAUBA

Research Interest

Study of biochemistry and molecular biology in relation to seed germination and dormancy


  • Laspina NV , Vega T, Martelotto L, Stein J, Podio M, Ortiz JPA, Echenique V, Quarin C and Pessino SC. (2008) Gene expression analysis at the onset of appositional apomixis in immature inflorescences of Paspalum notatum. Plant Mol Biol. Vol. 67, Issue 6, 615-628.

  • Felitti SA, Seijo JG, González AM, Podio M, Laspina NV , Siena L, Ortiz JPA, Pessino SC. Differential expression of lorelei-like genes in aposporous and sexual Paspalum notatum plants. Plant Mol Biol. Vol. 77, Issue 4-5, 337-354. Cover Image on Plant Mol Biol. Vol 76, Issue 6. (2011)

  • Scuffi D, Álvarez C, Laspina NV , Gotor C, Lamattina L and García-Mata C. L-Cysteine ​​desulphydrase (DES1) upstream of NO in ABA-dependent stomatal closure. Sent to Plant Physiology. (2014).

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