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Otegui, María Elena

Plant Production
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Otegui, María Elena is an University professor in the department of Plant Production at Buenos Aires' University and faculty of Agronomy

Research Interest

Plant Production


  • Carcova J, Otegui ME. Ovary growth and maize kernel set. Crop science. 2007 May 1;47(3):1104-10.

  • Cicchino M, Edreira JI, Otegui ME. Heat stress during late vegetative growth of maize: effects on phenology and assessment of optimum temperature. Crop science. 2010 Jul 1;50(4):1431-7.

  • Mercau JL, Otegui ME. A modeling approach to explore water management strategies for late-sown maize and double-cropped wheat–maize in the rainfed Pampas region of Argentina. Practical Applications of Agricultural System Models to Optimize the Use of Limited Water. 2014(practicalapplic):351-74.

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