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Pablo A. Cipriotti

Adjunct Professor
Department of Quantitative Methods and Information Systems
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Agricultural Engineer, Faculty of Agronomy, UBA Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, 2006, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina Charges Adjunct Professor, Department of Quantitative Methods and Information Systems, Faculty of Agronomy - UBA Assistant Researcher, IFEVA, CONICET

Research Interest

Ecology of plant populations and communities The role of grazing on the organization of plant communities Ecology of plant invasions Modeling and analysis of spatial patterns in ecology


  • Rauber, RB, Cipriotti, PA and Collantes MB, Martini, JP and Frers, E. 2016. Regional Suitability Assessment for the Hawkweed (Hieracium pilosella L.) Invasion in Patagonian Rangelands. Invasive Plant Science and Management 9: 242-251.

  • Cipriotti, PA , Wiegand, T., Pütz, S., Bartoloni, NJ and Paruelo, JM 2016. Non-parametric upscaling of stochastic simulation models using transition matrices. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 7: 313-322.

  • Rotundo, JL and Cipriotti, PA 2017. Benchmarking the relationship between light saturated photosynthesis and leaf nitrogen: a quantitative review from cultivated and wild species. New Phytologist 214: 120-131.

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