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Pamela Graff

Head of Practical
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Degree in Biological Sciences. National University of the South Doctor of the University of Buenos Aires, Agricultural Sciences Area at the School for Graduates of the Faculty of Agronomy (EPG, FAUBA) Scholarships / Grants Assistant Researcher, CONICET Head of Practical semi-exclusive work in the Chair of Ecology, Faculty of Agronomy, UBA

Research Interest

Grassland ecology - restoration Plant-plant-herbivore interactions Conservation Biology


  • Graff, P. , F. Rositano, and MR Aguiar. 2013. Changes in sex ratios of a dioecious grass with grazing intensity: the interplay between gender traits, neighbor interactions and spatial patterns. Journal of Ecology 101: 1146-1157

  • Graff, P. and S. McIntyre. 2014. Using ecological attributes for the selection of plant species under three restoration scenarios. Austral Ecology, 39: 907-917.

  • Graff, P. and M. Aguiar. 2016. Do species' strategies and type of stress predict net positive effects in an arid ecosystem? Ecology, 98: 794-806.

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