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Piazza M. Victoria

Universidad de Buenos Aires


Postgrads studies: Doctorate in Agricultural Sciences (complete). or Faculty of Agronomy. Graduate School "Alberto Soriano". Buenos Aires' University. Period: January 2010-May 2016. PhD thesis: Impact of domestic herbivores on C and N recycling: mid-term changes by the vegetation and the environment. Director: Dr. Enrique J. Chaneton (IFEVA-FAUBA / CONICET). Counselor of studies: Martín R. Aguiar (IFEVA-FAUBA / CONICET). Defense: May 23, 2016. Jury: Enrique J. Chaneton; David N. Bilenca (IEGEBA, CONICET-UBA); Mónica B. Bertiller (UNPSJB / CENPAT-CONICET); Natalia Pérez Harguindeguy (FCEFyN / IMBIV CONICET-UNC.) Rating: Outstanding.

Research Interest



  • Chagas, C. I.; Piazza, M. V.; De Siervi, M.; Santanatoglia, O. J.; Moretón, J.; Paz, M.; Castiglioni, M. 2006. Calidad de agua de escorrentía superficial en sistemas ganaderos extensivos e intensivos de Argentina. Revista Agrochimica LI (2-3):130-136.

  • Piazza M.V., Garibaldi L.A., Kitzberger T., Chaneton E.J. (2016) Impact of introduced herbivores on understory vegetation along a regional moisture gradient in Patagonian beech forests. Forest Ecology and Management 366:11-22.

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