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Ploschuk Edmundo

Industrial Crops
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Ecophysiology of grain crops, with special interest in yield determination potential in sunflower. - Canopy structure in grain crops: stands uniformDoctor of the University of Buenos Aires, in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAgricultural Sciences. School for Graduates of the Faculty of Agronomy (UBA). Title of thesis: "Influence of perennial and floral dynamics on reproductive cost in Lesquerella sp. Potential oleaginous cultivation for arid dryland areas. "Director: GIVES. Ravetta. Counselor of studies: G. Slafer. Date of defense: March 21 2005. Magister Scientiae in Plant Production. School for Graduates of the Faculty of Agronomy (UBA). Title of thesis: The position of the sunflower strand and its effect on the thermal regime and the respiration of the grains. Director: A.J.Hall. Date defense: December 26, 1996. Agricultural Engineer (Plant Engineering Orientation). Faculty of Agronomy (UBA). Year of egress: 1989. is, ununiform and intersections.

Research Interest

Ecophysiology of new grain crops for industrial use. Ecophysiology of perennial grain crops


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  • Mollard F.P.O., Striker G.G., Ploschuk E.L. y Insausti P., 2010. Subtle topographicaldifferences along a floodplain promote different plant strategies among Paspalum dilatatum subspecies and populations. Austral Ecology 35: 189-196.

  • Ploschuk, E.L. y Windauer, L.B., 2010. Development of new perennial oil-crops for marginal environments: Productivity of Lesquerella mendocina under different nitrogen availability. Argentinean Plant Science and Biotechnology I. The Americas Journal of Plant Science & Biotechnology.

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