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Rodolfo Ángel Golluscio

Associate Professor
Universidad de Buenos Aires


University: Faculty of Agronomy UBA. Agricultural Engineer orientations Phytotechnology and Agricultural Production. Graduated in April 1982 Postgraduate: Postgraduate School of the Faculty of Agronomy UBA. Magister Scientiae in Natural Resources. Graduated in September 1990 Postgraduate: Postgraduate School of the Faculty of Agronomy UBA. Doctorate in Agricultural Sciences. Graduated in August 2002 Charges / scholarships Faculty of Agronomy (UBA): Head of Practical Works exclusive dedication Ecology Chair by competition of year 2001 (Res. CD 2944) Associate Professor full-time Ecology Chair by resolution of the Directing Council No 2641 of 4/9/2001 CONICET: Independent Researcher since 06/01/2007 Ministry of Education: Incentive category II Faculty of Agronomy (UBA): Dean (8/3/2010 onwards)

Research Interest

Ecology of grasslands and savannas Analysis of regional heterogeneity and global changes


  • Irisarri, JGN, M. Oesterheld, RA Golluscio , and JM Paruelo. 2014. Effects of Animal Husbandry on Secondary Production and Trophic Efficiency at a Regional Scale. Ecosystems 17: 738-749

  • Golluscio, RA , R. Irueta, and PA Cipriotti. 2014. The elusive quantification of nitrogen fixation in xeric shrubs: The case of Adesmia volckmanni, a Patagonian leguminous shrub. Journal of Arid Environments 111: 22-26

  • Di Bella, C., E. Jacobo, R. Golluscio , and A. Rodríguez. 2014. Effect of cattle grazing on soil salinity and vegetation composition along an elevation gradient in a temperate coastal salt marsh of Samborombón Bay (Argentina). Wetlands Ecology and Management 22: 1-13

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