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Rondanini Deborah Paola

Plant Production
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Agronomic Engineer. 11/30/98. Faculty of Agronomy, University of Buenos Aires. -Doctor in Agricultural Sciences. 3/23/06. Graduate School "Alberto Soriano" Faculty of Agronomy, Buenos Aires' University. -Postdoctorate in CRILAR-CONICET. 2006-2008. 3. Current Charges - Deputy Researcher CONICET (from 2013 to the present). Income CIC Assistant researcher: June 2008-2013. -Docente-researcher Category III of the Teaching Incentives Program (2009) -Adult Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences-National University of Lomas de Zamora (FCA-UNLZ) -Job of interim practical work, Faculty of Agronomy-University of Buenos Aires (FAUBA)

Research Interest

Plant Production


  • Rondanini DP, BorrĂ¡s L, Savin R. Grain Quality oil grain quality in Oil oil and Cereal Crops cereal crops. InSustainable Food Production 2013 (pp. 972-985). Springer New York.

  • Rondanini DP, Castro DN, Searles PS, Rousseaux MC. Fatty acid profiles of varietal virgin olive oils (Olea europaea L.) from mature orchards in warm arid valleys of Northwestern Argentina (La Rioja). Grasas y aceites. 2011 Dec 30;62(4):399-409.

  • Rondanini D, Mantese A, Savin R, Hall AJ. Effects of high alternating day/night temperatures on grain growth and quality. InSixteenth International Sunflower Conference, Fargo, ND, USA 2004 (pp. 293-299).

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