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Rotili Diego Hernán

Cereal Farming
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Required Courses Approved. Application approved. - Thesis project: "Characteristics and impact of scientific and technological research of the Argentine agricultural sector: analysis on Wheat, Maize, Soy and Sunflower ". - Director: Dr. Martín Oesterheld; Co-director: Mg. Evangelina Gabriela Dulce EPG ING. AGR. ALBERTO SORIANO - FAUBA, UNIVERSITY OF BUENOS AIRES (BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA) SPECIALIST IN AGRIBUSINESS AND FOOD 2015 - 2016 - Required courses approved, I owe to defend specialist work. - Specialist work title: "Informal institutions and main-agent relationship in a underdeveloped region of Argentina - A case study ". - Director: Mg. Sebastián Ignacio Senesi; Co-director: Mg. Hernán Palau

Research Interest

Crop sciences


  • D.H. Rotili y Maddonni, G.A. 2016. Desarrollo vegetativo y reproductivo de vástagos de diferente orden en dos densidades de siembra y tres híbridos comerciales de maíz. Revista Agronomía y Ambiente 36 (1): 21-32.

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