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Serrago Román Augusto

Cereal Farming
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Agricultural engineer. University of Buenos Aires (2003). faculty of Agronomy.  Doctor University of Buenos Aires (2010). Alberto Graduate School Soriano. Agronomy faculty Charges  (since 2011) Head of Practical Work (UBA). Chair of Cereal Farming. Agronomy faculty. Buenos Aires' University.  (since 2013) Assistant Researcher (CONICET).

Research Interest

Physiology of annual crops.  Study of the effects of leaf diseases on wheat and barley.  Cold tolerance in wheat crops in vegetative and reproductive stages


  • Alvarez Prado, S. , Gallardo, J.M., Serrago, R.A., Kruk, B.C., Miralles, D.J. 2013. Comparative behavior of wheat and barley associated with field release and grain weight determination. Field Crop Research 144, 28-33.

  • Hernán O. Ghiglione, Fernanda G. Gonzalez, Román Serrago, Sara B. Maldonado, Charles Chilcott, José A. Curá, Daniel J. Miralles, Tong Zhu and Jorge J. Casal. 2008. Autophagy regulated by daylength sets the number of fertile florets in wheat. The Plant Journal 55, 1010-1024.

  • Serrago, R.A., Miralles, D.J., Slafer, G.A. 2008. Floret fertility in wheat as affected by photoperiod during stem elongation and removal of spikelets at booting. European Journal of Agronomy 28, 301-308.

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