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Sorlino Daniel Marcelo

Industrial Crops
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Agronomist Engineer, Faculty of Agronomy, University of Buenos Aires. Orientation Agricultural production (1987) Magister Scientiae in Agrometeorology. Faculty of Agronomy and Exact Sciences Natural Sciences, University of Buenos Aires. (2002) Thesis title: "Bases for the preparation of a phenological prediction model in oleaginous flax: Influence of Temperature, photoperiod and vernalization. "Directors: Dra Graciela Magrín and Dr Antonio Hall. Scholarships Award for Scientific and Technological Production awarded by the Secretariat of Science and Technique of the UBA in the years 1992, 1993 and 1994. Benefited by the incentive program (Research Category: II) established by decree of the National Executive Power for the promotion of research and teaching. (from 1995 to date). Grant granted by the ANTORCHAS Foundation for the bibliographic search on medicinal plants (August 1988). Scholarship awarded by the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) for assistance to the 6th World Conference of Lupino (Temuco Pucón, Chile, Nov. 1990). Scholarship for assistance given by the organization of the VII World Conference of Lupine. (Evora, Portugal, April 1993). Positions held Actual charge Head of Practical Work of the Chair of Industrial Crops, with dedication exclusive, in FAUBA. From March 1991 until today.

Research Interest

Ecophysiology in Industrial Crops. Production of new crops. Quality in oil and textile crops.


  • Sorlino, D; P. Giménez y J. Candao. 2010. Ecophysiological traits and crop management factors influencing linseed yield and quality. The Americas Journal of Plant Science and Biotechnology. Trabajo enviado

  • Giménez R., D. Sorlino, D. Bertero, E. Ploschuk. 2013. Flowering regulation in the facultative biennial Oenothera biennis L.: Environmental effects and their relation to growth rate. Industrial Crops and Products 44 (2013) 593 – 599.

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