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William B. Batista

Assistant Professor
Department of Quantitative Methods
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Agricultural Engineer, Agricultural Production Guidance. Agronomy faculty. University of Buenos Aires, 1979 Magister Scientiae Natural Resources area; Graduate School Faculty of Agronomy. University of Buenos Aires, 1991 Doctor of Philosophy, Louisiana State University, Department of Botany, 1996 Charges Assistant Professor, Exclusive dedication, University of Buenos Aires, Faculty of Agronomy, Department of Quantitative Methods

Research Interest

Ecology of natural plant communities and communities


  • Puhl, LE, SB Perelman, WB Batista , SE Burkart, and RJC León. 2014. Local and regional long-term diversity changes and biotic homogenization in two temperate grasslands. Journal of Vegetation Science 25: 1278-1288

  • Batista, WB , AG Rolhauser, F. Biganzoli, SE Burkart, L. Goveto, A. Maranta, AG Pignataro, NS Morandeira, and M. Rabadán. 2014. Savanna plant community types at El Palmar National Park (Argentina). Darwinian 2: 5-38

  • Barberis, IM, PS Torres, WB Batista , G. Magra, L. Galetti, and JP Lewis. 2014. Two bromeliad species with contrasting functional traits partition the understory space in South American xerophytic forest: correlative evidence of environmental control and limited dispersal. Plant Ecology 215: 143-153

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