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Margarita Goded Rambaud

Department of Foreign Philologies and their Linguistics
Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia UNED


Margarita Goded is working as a professor in the Department of Foreign Philologies and their Linguistics from National University of Distance Education.

Research Interest

Pragmatics, Computational Linguistics, Semantics


  • La codificación de información ontológica y contextual para el tratamiento precomputaciónal de gramáticas y ontologías. in the Procesamiento de Lenguaje Natural. February 2016.

  • Goded Rambaud, M, 2015. The codification of meaning in English. London. Madrid: McGrawHillI. SBN: 978-84-486-0772-2

  • Goded Rambaud, M., A. Ibáñez Moreno and V. Hoste. 2015. On the arquitecture of words. An applied study of meaning. Madrid : Editorial UNED. ISBN: 9788436267341

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