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Jose Maria Bermudez

Institute of Research for the Chemical Industry
Universidad Nacional de Salta


Jose Maria Bermudez is working as a professor in the Institute of Research for the Chemical Industry from National University of Salta, Argentina.

Research Interest

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Controlled Release, Solid Dispersion, Controlled Drug Delivery, Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Formulation, Solubility Enhancement, Nano Drug Delivery


  • Fern├índez-Colino A, Bermudez JM, Arias FJ, Quinteros D, Gonzo E. Development of a mechanism and an accurate and simple mathematical model for the description of drug release: Application to a relevant example of acetazolamide-controlled release from a bio-inspired elastin-based hydrogel. Materials Science and Engineering: C. 2016 Apr 1;61:286-92.

  • Irache J. Other pharmacotherapeutic applications. Monographs of the Royal National Academy of Pharmacy. 2009.

  • Romero AI, Bermudez JM, Villegas M, Graciela A, Parentis ML, Gonzo EE. Validation of kinetic modeling of progesterone release from polymeric membranes. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 2017 Aug 18.

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