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Elsa C. Lattar is a Professor of Botany at at Universidad Nacional del Nordeste (National University of the Northeast-UNNE). Plant Taxonomy,Pollen Analysis,Biodiversity

Research Interest

 Botany,Anatomy,Literry Theory


  • Palynological studies in Argentina species of the genera Cereus, Cleistocactus, Denmoza, Echinopsis and Monvillea (Cactaceae, Cactoideae)

  • Ovule and megagametophyte development in selected species of Apeibeae and Grewieae (Malvaceae?Grewioideae) from South America and its systematic implications

  • Nectary structure and ultrastructure in two floral morphs of Koelreuteria elegans subsp. formosana (Sapindaceae)

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