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Martín Raúl Amodeo

Universidad Nacional del Sur (National University of South-UNS)


 Martín Raúl Amodeo is a professorr of Biology at Universidad Nacional del Sur(National University of the South).He is expertise of Ecology, Plant Ecology, Conservation Biology,Botany.Presently he is working as PostDoc Position,Teaching Assitant .

Research Interest

 Ecology,Enviornmental Science,Botany,Plant Ecology


  • Site-specific reproductive performance of an invasive fleshy-fruited tree in remnant grasslands of the Argentinean Pampas

  • Estimation of fungal biomass in a soil in the southwest of the province of Buenos Aires (Argentina) with a direct staining with calcofluor white

  • Generalist dispersers promote germination of an alien fleshy-fruited tree invading natural grasslands

  • Sex morphs and invasiveness of a fleshy-fruited tree in natural grasslands from Argentina

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