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Santiago Kraiselburd

Business School
Universidad Torcuato di Tella


 Santiago Kraiselburd is a Professor .He did his PhD in Business Administration from Harvard Business School.He has wide Corporate experience.

Research Interest

Economics,Business Administration


  • Alejandro Serrano, Santiago Kraiselburd, and Rogelio Oliva. “Ordering Decisions and Cost of Capital” Working paper. The paper addresses the following questions: What is the link between inventory decisions and the value of the firm? How is a firm’s level of inventory related to its risk? How can ordering decisions affect a firm’s stock price?

  • Kyle Hyndman, Santiago Kraiselburd, and Noel Watson. “Coordination in Supply Chains when Demand Forecasts are not Common Knowledge: Theory and Experiment”. Working Paper. In this paper, we present a simple coordination game where an upstream and a downstream party have different demand forecasts. We run a set of experiments with live subjects to find out which strategies subjects play, whether subjects learn from each other, etc. Under revisions, MSOM.

  • Santiago Kraiselburd, and Noel Watson. "Alignment in Cross-Functional and Cross-Firm Supply Chain Planning." Harvard Business School Working Paper, No. 07-058, 2007.In this paper, we seek to use quantitative models to help appreciate the behavioral processes associated with successful departmental integration in supply/demand planning.

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