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Víctor Adrián Álvarez is an Actuary from the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires and Professor in Mathematics and Cosmography at the Higher National Institute of Teachers Joaquín V. González. He was Director of Business Administration Orientation and is Professor of Chair at the School of Business Administration of the University of San Andrés in the course of Policy and Financial Administration. He is also regular professor by competition and coordinator of the Chair of Actuarial Bases of Investments and Financing in the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the UBA, of which he was its creator and organizer in August 1991. He is also a professor in postgraduate courses and of executive training and serves as an independent consultant. He was the thesis director of the Masters in Finance, management of Technology Services and Telecommunications and MBA of UdeSA.  He was the founding vice president in April 1998 of ADA (Argentine Derivatives Association), Foundation for the Development and Promotion of Derivative, Exchange, Financial and Physical Products of the Argentine Republic. He has been appointed several times by the Superior Council of the UBA to act as a jury in open competitions to provide teaching positions in the FCE. Co-author of the book Investment Selection - Introduction to Portfolio Theory, Ediciones Macchi, 1992. Author of Teaching Work Documents UdeSA: Nº 13 "Fixed Income Securities Basic Aspects and Valuation", Nº 37 "Debt Securities (Fixed Income Securities): Profitability and Risks" and co-author of No. 62 "Theory of Extreme Securities (EVT) and major financial crises. Emerging markets vs. Developed "and No. 63" Expected Shortfall: a likely change of tack ". Author "Introduction to the Quantitative Language for Business Administration", MBA, UdeSA, articles "The Equation of Heat Dissemination and the Valuation of Derivative Instruments: from Fourier to Black and Scholes", 1995, co-author of "Estimation of value at risk through extreme value theory. Application to the determination of minimum regulatory capitals ", XII National and Latin American Actuarial Conference FCE-UBA, 2011" Leptokurtosis and Backtesting in Basel II and Basel III: regulatory consequences in Emerging and Frontier Markets ", Proceedings XII International Finance Conference," Financial crisis, Basel II and III minimum capital requirements: adequacy and incentives in non-developed markets "Reports XLVII Assembly CLADEA 2012," Expected Shortfall: a likely change of tack ", Papers XLVIII Annual Assembly CLADEA 2013," Comparative analysis of techniques (IMA) to determine minimum capitals regulated by Basel, in the face of crisis in emerging markets ", Odeón Magazine, Externado University, Bogotá, Colombia. 2014, "Has the Basel Committee got it right? Evidence from commodity positions in turmoil ", 7th Forum Finance, Risk Management and Financial Engineering, Tecnológico de Monterrey, EGADE Business School, Autonomous Metropolitan University Azcapotzalco and American Academy of Financial Management, awarded and published in Volume 10 Issue 1 January - June 2015 Mexican Journal of Economics and Finance REMEF ( The Mexican Journal of Economics and Finance). Coordinator of the UdeSA-UBA Research Project: "Financial Risk Management: its feasibility, possibility of quantification and its limitations in emerging and developed countries", which is its main line of research. Currently, it is investigating and working on the development of models that facilitate the interpretation of risk dynamics in Argentina compared to other countries,

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