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Paula Bianchi

School of Administration and Business
University of San Andres


Paula María Bianchi is the Director of Knowledge Management and Innovation of the Business Education Center and professor of Talent Management in the Human Resources Master's Program at the School of Business Administration. She received a Diploma of Honor from a Bachelor of Science in Education from the National University of Buenos Aires.He obtained his DEA in Special Programs in Politics and Economics at the Institute of Higher Social Studies (IDAES). Throughout her career, she has worked in the educational field, occupying positions such as supervisor, coordinator, teacher, manager and director. He has also participated in a series of research projects for the University of Buenos Aires. In addition to being a director, Paula María Bianchi is currently a consultant in the design, implementation and monitoring of adult education programs in public and private organizational contexts, as well as training in topics related to the workplace and education.

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