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Mr. Alexander Lidgren has been Managing Director of Cleantech Invest Oyj since January 16, 2015. He was Director of the Company from March 2014 until April 20, 2015. He is presently employed by the Swedish Energy Authority (Energimyndigheten) tasked with evaluating the cleantech investments offered to the authority and administering the authority’s cleantech investments. Mr. Lidgren is a serial entrepreneur who, among other things, founded Cleantech Scandinavia and was its Managing Director 2007–2012. He has also founded the Nordic Cleantech Open competition that annually selects the 25 most promising Nordic cleantech startups. Mr. Lidgren has a B.Sc. in corporate finance and M.Sc. in industrial environmental economy from the University of Lund.  

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Green Chemistry Green Engineering Green Catalytic modulations Green Energy Prospects & Technology Green Nanotechnology

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