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Chris Wurster

Senior Research Associate
Centre for Tropical Environmental and Sustainability Studies
James Cook University


Chris Wurster chose to specialize in environmental geochemistry, particularly in stable isotope biogeochemistry, because it gives me the flexibility to investigate a wide range of topics that can contribute to our understanding of environmental change. My research incorporates both terrestrial (from the humid tropics to drylands) and aquatic systems (both freshwater and oceanic), and I have utilized a suite of stable isotope ratios on a wide array of materials including water, carbonate, phosphate, and organic matter.

Research Interest

My current foci include developing records of environmental change from cave guano and lacustrine sediments, investigating pyrogenic carbon and organic geochemical archives using hydrogen pyrolysis, and continuing to investigate animal behaviour using stable isotope compositions of their tissues and biogenic minerals such as bones, shells and fish otoliths.

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