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Alexei Gilchrist

Department of Physics and Astronomy
Macquarie University


I received my D.Phil. from Waikato University (New Zealand) in 1997 under the supervision of Professor Crispin Gardiner. Moving to Australia in 2001 as a New Zealand FRST Fellow, I then remained in Australia as a research fellow for the ARC COE Centre for Quantum Computer Technology working at the University of Queensland. In 2007 I joined the faculty at Macquarie University as an Associate Professor.

Research Interest

• Leadership • Teams • Employee attitudes and performance


  • O'Brien JL, Pryde GJ, Gilchrist A, James DF, Langford NK, Ralph TC, White AG. Quantum process tomography of a controlled-NOT gate. Physical review letters. 2004 Aug 20;93(8):080502.

  • Lanyon BP, Barbieri M, Almeida MP, Jennewein T, Ralph TC, Resch KJ, Pryde GJ, O'brien JL, Gilchrist A, White AG. Simplifying quantum logic using higher-dimensional Hilbert spaces. Nature Physics. 2009 Feb 1;5(2):134.

  • Ralph TC, Gilchrist A, Milburn GJ, Munro WJ, Glancy S. Quantum computation with optical coherent states. Physical Review A. 2003 Oct 20;68(4):042319.

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