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Edward Green

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University of Adelaide


Dr Edward Green is a Lecturer in Applied Mathematics in the School of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Adelaide, and a member of the Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Group. My research interests are in mathematical biology and continuum mechanics (particularly fluid mechanics). Much of my work focuses on developing and analysing mathematical models to understand aspects of how tissues develop.

Research Interest

Mathematical models of tissue development (with Saber Dini, Nigel Bean and Ben Binder (University of Adelaide) ) Free surface flows in helical channels (with Yvonne Stokes (University of Adelaide)  and David Arnold (UCLA) ) Modelling cell-collagen gel interactions in tissue engineering (with James Reoch, Yvonne Stokes (University of Adelaide) and Mary Myerscough (University of Sydney)) Modelling fibrous gel mechanics (with Matthew Hopwood and Rosemary Dyson (University of Birmingham, UK)) Pattern formation in yeast colonies (with Alex Tam, Ben Binder and Sanjeeva Balasuriya (University of Adelaide) Development of serrated lesions in the intestinal crypt (with Phillip Brown, Ben Binder, Daniel Worthley (University of Adelaide) and James Osborne (University of Melbourne))


  • Arnold, D. J., Stokes, Y. M. & Green, J. E. F. (2017). Thin-film flow in helically wound shallow channels of arbitrary cross-sectional shape. Physics of Fluids, 29, 1, 013102-013102.

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