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Peter Hochs

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University of Adelaide


Dr Peter Hochs got M.Sc. degrees in mathematics and physics from Utrecht University in the Netherlands in 2003. After that I did a Ph.D. project at the Radboud University in NIjmegen, the Netherlands, supervised by Klaas Landsman and Gert Heckman. That project was about the relations between index theory and representation theory of Lie groups, as well as the problem of quantising a classical theory in physics. After working in industry for a few years I came back to pure mathematics, working at the Leibniz University Hanover in Germany, and at the University of Adelaide. I am most interested in research into relations between different areas in mathematics. My main area is index theory, where geometry, topology and analysis interact in fundamental ways. I am also interested in links to representation theory of Lie groups, and to noncommutative geometry, K-theory and KK-theory

Research Interest

I work in index theory, which is the study of relations between geometry, analysis and topology through differential equations on geometric spaces. I am particularly interested in equivariant index theory for noncompact groups and manifolds, and its relations with geometric quantisation, noncommutative geometry, differential geometry and geometric analysis, Lie theory, links between K-theory, K-homology and representation theory.


  • Hochs, P. & Song, Y. (2017). Equivariant indices of Spinc-Dirac operators for proper moment maps. Duke Mathematical Journal, 166, 6, 1125-1178. 10.1215/00127094-3792923

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