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Tegan Cheng

The University of Sydney


Dr Tegan Cheng is a biomedical engineer and scientist principally based at the Kids Research Institute at the Children's Hospital at Westmead. She works closely with clinicians, including Professor David Little, to develop novel solutions to address unmet needs in paediatrics. Her PhD focused on the use of tissue engineering strategies to address bone injuries and deficiencies. Tegan continues to research bone tissue engineering constructs, as well as the development of novel orthopaedic devices for children, the integration of 3D scanning and printing technologies into clinical practice.

Research Interest

The treatment of bone disorders in children’s growing skeletons comes with unique challenges, including the need to consider their small size, fast growth and high levels of activity. Dr Tegan Cheng studies the biological impacts of bone disorders in children, and trials therapeutic and tissue engineering strategies to help the healing process.

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