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Todd J Pesek

Department of Mechanical Engineering


Todd Pesek  is a physician in Northeastern Ohio where he specializes in preventive integrative holistic medicine.  He is a Health Sciences Professor at Cleveland State University Cleveland Ohio where he teaches researches and serves including as Director of the Center for Healing Across Cultures.  Dr Todd received his medical doctorate from The Ohio State University College of Medicine and the Cleveland Clinic Cleveland Ohio  He completed his training in Medicine at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine St. Vincent Charity Hospital Cleveland Ohio.  Dr Todd has authored numerous publications documentaries and academic models in preventive integrative holistic health and wellness and sustainability.  He is an internationally prominent speaker with engaging messages and he has served the professional community in a multitude of ways including as reviewer for 8 refereed journals/publishing groups over the past 5 years.

Research Interest

Todd research Interest includes Healing across Cultures: Learning from Traditions, Secrets of Long Life, Longevity and Vital Living, Whole Foods Nutrition , Ethnobotany, Natural Products, Herbalism and Phytotherapy, Environmental Health, Ecological Medicine and Detoxification, Balanced, Normal Physiology, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)/Integrative Medicine, Sustainable Holistic Health and Wellness, Ethnobotany & Ecology of Medicinal Plants , Sustainability and Conservation.

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