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Bail, Dr Kasia

Assistant Professor, Nursing
University of Canberra


Dr Bail’s primary interest is to improve sustainable acute care health delivery for an ageing population. Her nursing career has always combined both research and clinical roles, with experience primarily in general medical and acute palliative care. Her peer reviewed publications are well-cited, and range in topics that include undergraduate nursing, aged care nurse practitioners, prognosis communication, policy analysis, dementia care in hospitals, and the costs of nurse-sensitive outcomes. In identifying and researching the structures and processes which impede or enable quality patient care Dr Bail is also dedicated to sharing her learning and inquiry with nursing students, industry networks and professional groups.

Research Interest

Age and ageing Cognitive care (dementia, delirium) Leadership and clinical governance Hospital organisation and design Quality and safety Palliative care Prognosis communication Interdisciplinary learning and communication Nurse practitioners Nurse sensitive outcome indicators Nursing inquiry and scholarship


  • Bail, K, Berry, H, Grealish, L, Draper, B, Karmel, R, Gibson, D, Peut, A, 2013. Potentially preventable complications of urinary tract infections, pressure areas, pneumonia, and delirium in hospitalised dementia patients: retrospective cohort study. British Medical Journal Open, 3, 6.

  • Bail, K, Goss, J, Draper, B, Berry, H, Karmel, R, Gibson, D, 2015.The cost of hospital-acquired complications for older people with and without dementia; a retrospective cohort study. BMC Health Services Research, 15, 91.

  • Bail, K, Grealish, L, 2016. ‘‘Failure to Maintain’: A theoretical proposition for a new quality indicator of nurse care rationing for complex older people in hospital. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 63, p146-161.

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