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Mr Aymeric

University of Canberra


Aymeric is working toward two projects: development of a chiral catalyst to be used in cyclopropanation reactions, and preparation of a chiral selector to be used in nano capillary columns for HPLC. The first project focuses on the preparation of a range of catalyst to effect the cyclopropanation of a target system so as to improve the understanding of the influence of the catalyst on the stereochemical outcome of these reactions. The second project target the identification of chiral building blocks to be used in polymerization reactions to create nano capillary allowing for chiral separation of drugs. The overarching aim of both of these projects is to facilitate the preparation or purification of intermediate or final products to be used in medicinal chemistry. As such, the catalyst mentioned for the first project could be used for the synthesis of API such as Ritalin.

Research Interest

Biomedical discovery for disease prevention and treatment.

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