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Ms Berenice T

University of Canberra


Berenice is a HDR candidate in ESTeM.  Her research is produce highly thermostable lipase for pharmaceutical applications, using thermophilic bacteria. Production of highly thermostable lipases, includes optimization of several process. The first step is the identification of the bacteria that has the biocatalyst activity. The bacterial isolates will be used for the construction of a genomic library, considering the biocatalyst clones. These clones will be used in E. Coli, and the synthetised proteins will be expressed and purified. These activities include the gene sequencing and the sequencing analysis, the design of the appropriate primer, and subcloning of gene under selected conditions in which the expression of the gene is maximized. The enzyme- protein obtained will we identified and purified and the kinetic studies will be done. Additional studies will required to select the optimal active sites of substrates and test the difficult substrates. The purified lipase will be tested for lab production and industrial production.The outcome is to obtain a thermostable lipase, whose process can be used for pharmaceutical enzyme manufacturing companies.

Research Interest

Health and wellbeing throughout the lifespan; Biomedical discovery for disease prevention and treatment.

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