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Ms M Atchan

University of Canberra


Since the BFHI was officially launched globally in 1992 it has struggled to gain traction in Australia. Marjorie's research investigates the operationalisation of a global strategy in a national setting and examines the factors influencing uptake and sustainability. Her case study research approach focusses on three areas: the initial implementation period 1992-1995, the current context and a comparison of the implementation and outcomes of three high income nations - Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Research Interest

TBA Postnatal issues for women and babies Breastfeeding and infant feeding The Baby Friendly Health Initiative


  • Atchan, M., Foureur, M. & Davis D. (2011). The decision not to initiate breastfeeding – women’s reasons, attitudes and influencing factors. Breastfeeding Review, 19(2), 9-17.

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