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Lennert Veerman

Public Health
University of Sydney


Dr Veerman is the Senior Health Economist at the Cancer Council NSW, and has academic affiliations as Adjunct Associate Professor with the Sydney School of Medicine, The University of Sydney, and as Honorary Senior Fellow at The University of Queensland School of Public Health. He is a Dutch-trained public health physician with passion for healthy physical, economic, social and natural environments. He has published on a broad range of topics including obesity and other risk factors for chronic disease, philosophy of science, mathematical modelling, genetic screening and the epidemiology of depression. His PhD at the Erasmus University Rotterdam focused on the role of quantitative predictions of health effects in Health Impact Assessment. Upon moving to Australia in 2007, he expanded the scope of his work to include economics, and now has a strong profile in epidemiological modelling, burden of disease studies, and the cost-effectiveness of prevention.

Research Interest

Dr Veerman gives direction to an expanding programme of work in the area of physical activity, diet, and body mass. Part of this work involves collaboration with other research groups across Australia and overseas, and with sectors other than health care; sectors that are key to improving population exposure to many of the major determinants of health.

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