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Dr. Peter, Slapansky

Geological Survey of Austria


1975-1988 (intermittently) study of Earth Sciences (major in Geology) at the University of Vienna, dissertation: "Geological and geochronological investigations in the border Schladminger crystalline - Radstadt quartz phyllite (Seekarspitz - Geißstein - area, NE Radstädter Tauern)", (supervised by Prof W. Frank) 1985-1989 mapping activity as a foreign employee of the GBA on the map sheets Schladming (ÖK127) and Tamsweg (ÖK157) 1988-1991 member of the ÖAW project: "Development of connections between slope instability and lability, slope water balance and mass movements in parts of the central alpen crystalline" (Project leader H. Pirkl) Since 1991 at the FA Geophysics within the scope of the VLG project ÜLG-28 ("Verification of anomalies")

Research Interest

Geological interpretation and assessment of geophysical and geochemical anomalies Interpretation of ongoing aerogeophysical surveys, in particular radiometry and magnetics Participation in geophysical measurements, supplementary geological surveys

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