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Dr. Seifert, Peter

Geology and Earth Sciences
Geological Survey of Austria


1972 - 1980 studied earth sciences at the University of Vienna, majoring in geology, minor in paleontology Dissertation with Prof.Tollmann (University of Vienna): The Eocene of the Waschbergzone, Lower Austria; Stratigraphy, microfacies, paleogeography and tectonics 1973 - 1978 summer internships at companies and institutions 1973 Office of the Lower Austrian Provincial Government Dept. B III / D Work on the Hydrogeology of the Eastern Marchfeld, Lower Austria, Geoelectric Measurements 1974 Doz. Schuch (Office of the Lower Austrian Government); Hydrogeolog. Working in St.Johann / Tyrol and Kleines Walsertal (Vorarlberg) 1975 - 1976 OMV AG, Dept. Exploration; Land surveys and mapping of formations from the Jurassic to the Miocene in the Waschberg zone, Lower Austria 1977 - 1978 OMV AG, Dept. Exploration, detailed mapping of the Eocene Formations of the Waschberg Zone 1st July 1981 Joins OMV AG, Exploration Department 1981 - 1983 drilling geologist in the Vienna Basin area 1984 - 1985 Staff Geologist, Sedimentologist. Studies Vienna Basin 1985 - 1988 Project Geologist in the Vienna Basin area 1989 - 1990 Senior Geologist OMV Canada, Calgary 1990 - 1992 Chief Geologist OMV Austria, Vienna 1992 - 1993 Senior Explorationist OMV UK, London 1993 - 1995 Exploration Coordinator Zueitina Oil Company & OMV of Libya, Tripoli 1996 - 1999 Senior Explorationist Eastern Europe & CIS, OMV Exploration, Vienna 1999 - 2000 & 2001 Exploration Manager OMV Albania, Tirana 2000 - 2003 Region Manager East. Europe & CIS, OMV Exploration 2004 - 2005 Region Manager East. Europe & Middle East, OMV International (OMV INT) 2005 - 2007 General Manager Central & Eastern Europe & Russia, OMV INT 2007 - 2009 General Manager Northern Iraq, Vienna / Erbil, OMV INT March 2009 Director of the Geological Survey, Vienna

Research Interest

Head of the GBA, a subordinate department of the BMWF, in all technical and operational matters Responsible for the overall technical program Personnel and budget responsibility for federal share and partial legal capacity Representation of the GBA to the outside Representation of the GBA in national and international committees and associations  

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