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J Reitner

Sedimentary Geology
Geological Survey of Austria


Education 2000-2005 Doctoral Program Geology, University of Vienna Dissertation: Quaternary geology and landscape development in the area Kitzbühel - St. Johann i. T. - Hopfgarten (North Tyrol) from the crack to the Würm Late Glacial (MIS 6-2). 1984-1991 Diploma program Geology, University of Vienna (Vienna University of Technology & BOKU Vienna)

Research Interest

Geological land survey Mapping and scientific analysis in the field Quaternary geology (glacial and periglacial sediments) Gravitational mass movements (landslide, Talzuschub) Recording of quaternary geological correlations for applied geology (environmental, hydro and engineering geology). Creation of geological maps & explanations Quaternary stratigraphy and definitions for lithogenetic units Quaternary geology and applied geology

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