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Träxler Barbara

Engineering Geology
Geological Survey of Austria


1988-1996: Study of Earth Sciences (Petrology / Geochemistry) ; Diploma thesis with Dr. med. Christian Köberl on "Geochemical investigations on rocks of the Manson impact crater, Iowa". 1996 - 1997 arsenal research, Vienna Department of Environmental Geology, Applied Mineralogy and Rock Resources: Project cooperation in the context of soil inventory in Carinthia (sediment petrography) 1997 - 2002 Geological Survey Institute, Vienna Department of Raw Material Geology , Department of Geochemistry ; Collaboration in various projects in the field of sediment petrography, geochemistry, clay mineralogy: geochemical atlas Austria (FOREGS), geogenic natural space potential in the district Horn and Hollabrunn, geology and viticulture in the area Retz 2000 Department of Paleontology and Stratigraphy; Project collaboration LithStrat 2002 Department of Geophysics; Computer work, graphics 2003 National Park Donau-Auen GmbH, Orth / Danube Editorial work and graphics, knowledge transfer in the natural sciences; Project "When stones travel ... Donauschotter" 2004 - 2012 maternity leave 2013 Science Pool VIF - non-profit association for the promotion of interests for children and adolescents: conducting scientific research sessions at elementary schools 2013 - now Geological Survey, Vienna Department of Raw Material Geology ; Cooperation in the investigation of regenerative construction raw materials in Austria (sediment petrography, GIS work)

Research Interest

Deputy Head of Department Engineering Geological Survey Process system research (gravitational mass movements, hydro (geology) Acquisition, analysis and estimation of geogenic natural hazards, Development of methods and strategies for the interpretation, analysis and evaluation of natural hazard-relevant data and maps Creation of regional planning principles with regard to gravitational mass movements and their evaluation, Data research, digital data preparation and management, Information regarding gravitational mass movements.

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