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Liang Xu

Department of Bioinformatics and Biosystems Technology
Unit Bolzano Regional Hospital


Dr. Xu is a professor in the Department of Molecular Bioscience in University od Kansas. The goal of the proposed research is to establish nanovectors as a gene/miRNA delivery platform to develop novel molecular therapies targeting cancer stem cells.  In summary he has a demonstrated record of successful and productive research projects relevant to the his research field and his expertise and experience have prepared him to go for invention of a new direction in cancer research.

Research Interest

Molecular therapy targeting cancer and cancer stem cells, cancer biology, drug discovery and drug/gene delivery.Funded by multiple NIH and DOD grants, my lab is working on molecularly targeted cancer therapy and chemo/radiosensitization by modulating cell death signaling pathways, autophagy and apoptosis. We are exploring microRNAs as novel targets for cancer and cancer stem cells. We are currently using novel nanotechnology to develop nanovectors targeting cancer cells for siRNA/miRNA-based novel cancer therapeutics. We are also developing nanovectors targeting cancer stem cells and exploring novel molecular therapy for cancer stem cells.

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