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Khalil Nuraddin Oglu Ismayilov

Chairman of the Management Board
Business Management
Ab-Sheron Sharab


Absheron,Established in 1967, Mehdiabad Grape Processing Company has been operating since 2003 as "Absheron-Wine" OJSC. Starting from that year, Azerbaijan entered the alcoholic beverages market with cognac "Absheron", "Baku", "Kapaz" and "Goy-Gol". In order to improve the production and storage of raw materials, the cellars were built in the premises, France, Greece, and so on. cognac alcohol has been maintained in oak barrels and glass processing vans produced by the countries.

Research Interest

Khalil Nuraddin oglu Ismayilov said that "The responsibility of our collective is the quality of our products always to raise and contribute to the development of winemaking in Azerbaijan ". The research is to Produce Quality wines.

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