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Kerimli Ali

Deputy Director General
Oil Refinery


 "Kerimli Ali is the First Deputy Director General of Azpetrol . zpetrol Ltd., a member of Azerbaijan's economic space with the launch of the first petrol station in Baku on July 15, 1997, The main activity of MMC is to carry out retail and wholesale of fuel by means of fuel filling and gas stations.At present, the Company operates 81 filling stations (FHD) and 5 gas filling stations (GDM) equipped with the latest equipment, covering most of Azerbaijan's economic zones .In order to improve the quality of fuel and ensure uninterrupted supply of stations, in 1999, the Oil Refinery, which meets modern standards of Azpetrol, has been put into operation. NeftBaza is equipped with electronic equipment, fire protection, safety and fuel quality control systems developed in the leading European countries."

Research Interest

 His research interests lie in fuel and gas

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