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Suleyman Gasimov

Vice-president for economic issues


 Suleyman Mehrali oglu Gasimov was born in 1961 in Fakhrali village of Bolnisi region, Republic of Georgia. Graduated from Azerbaijan Institute of National Economy (Azerbaijan State University of Economics) in 1982 and the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2003. Held various positions (accountant, economist, deputy chief accountant and chief accountant) in oil and gas industry in 1982-1991. He was chief accountant of “Xazardenizneftqaz” and Offshore Oil and Gas production enterprises of Main Office of Oil and Gas Production “Azerineft” in 1991-2003, head of division and deputy chief of department at the SOCAR Economy and Accounting Department. Since 2006, holds position of SOCAR Vice President for Economic Issues. Suleyman Gasimov was awarded “Tereggi” Medal in 2006, Order of Glory in 2011. He is Doctor of Economics and author of scientific work and more than 15 research articles. Suleyman Gasimov is member of New Azerbaijan Party.

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