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V Duronio

Professor and Chairman
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Union Graduate College


Dr. Duronio is a BSc in Chemistry and Biology VD pursued a PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Western Ontario.  His interests in receptors and signalling lead him to pursue a postdoctoral position at the Wellcome Research Laboratories in Research Triangle Park NC with Doctors Pedro Cuatrecasas and Steven Jacobs. Returning to Canada he joined the Biomedical Research Centre at UBC in Vancouver to begin work on signalling via cytokine receptors. Since joining UBC as a faculty member in the Dept of Medicine he has progressed through the ranks and is currently appointed as Professor. He also serves as director of the UBC Experimental Medicine Graduate Program with almost 200 students under the supervision of faculty members in a variety of clinical departments.

Research Interest

His research interests have focused on various aspects of signal transduction, with initial emphasis on how the PI 3-kinase pathway was involved in cell survival. This work has also been investigating the control of the life and death balance in cells via control of BCL-2 family proteins. More recently, a number of alternative functions of BCL-2 family proteins have been characterized, including involvement in regulation of cell cycle and involvement in DNA damage response. Being a basic researcher in a clinical department has offered opportunities for several collaborations with clinician-scientists, leading to projects in a diverse set areas including atherosclerosis, tendon damage, inflammation and fibrosis in the respiratory field, multiple sclerosis and of course, cancer.

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