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Hyung-goo Kim

Department of Psychiatry
Union University


After graduating from Korea University and University of Göttingen, he did his PhD in human molecular genetics at Freie Universität Berlin and Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Genetics in Germany. He worked on Developmental Genome Anatomy Project (DGAP) at Harvard Medical School for 5 years and now an associate professor at Georgia Regents University in USA.

Research Interest

Dr. Kims expertise and knowledge in human molecular genetics focus on positional cloning of disease genes using patients with chromosomal aberrations. As a geneticist studying chromosome rearrangements, such as balanced translocation/inversion and deletion/duplication for disease gene discovery for the last 14 years, He seek out collaborations to recruit additional subjects with related phenotypes for mutation analysis and to develop corroborative evidence for causative nucleotide alterations in a variety of model systems. For the last 7 years here at Georgia Regents University, He had established the Developmental Gene Discovery Project (DGDP) aimed at defining genes of neurodevelopmental importance by their disruption in subjects with ultra-microdeletions and ultra-microduplications encompassing only few genes. The DGDP project enrolled subjects based upon their having a chromosome rearrangements in conjunction with any abnormal phenotype. Currently our focus is to identify new genes involved in intellectual disability, autism, speech delay, dyslexia, Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID), DiGeorge Syndrome II, and delayed puberty.

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