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Ranjan Kumar Singh

Atomic & Molecular Physics
Banaras Hindu University


Academic Qualifications: S. No. Degree Institution Year 1. B.Sc. Patna University 1983 2. M.Sc. Patna University 1986 3. Ph. D. Banaras Hindu University 1994 Projects Undertaken as PI/ Co PI: S. No. Name of the Project Duration Source of Funding Amount of Funding (Rs) 1. Vibrational (Raman and IR spectroscopic IR) study of biologically important associated systems. 2006- 2009 UGC, New Delhi 6.17 lakh 2 Surface enhanced Raman scattering using metal colloids nanoparticles: Application to Raman studies of single molecule 2008-2011 DST, New Delhi 35.56 lakh 3 Spectroscopic study of molecular dynamics at phase transition of thermotropic liquid crystals 2008- 2011 CSIR, New Delhi 15.22 Lakh

Research Interest

The area of research is the application of Raman spectroscopy and density functional theory to study the liquid crystalline materials, strongly interacting liquid mixtures and biological systems. (a) Study of phase transitions and molecular dynamics of liquid crystalline phase transitions: The transitions are characterized by measuring temperature dependent Raman spectra. Phase transitions in liquid crystals are associated with large scale changes in molecular structure and orientation. These changes essentially induce changes in the Raman spectra. The transitions are depicted as change in intensity, wavenumber, appearance and disappearance of peaks and change in linewidth of some marker bands. Since the origin of Raman spectra lies in atomic displacements during the vibration, useful information about the molecular dynamics can be obtained. (b) Study of the nature of hydrogen bonds: We prepare mixtures of various hydrogen bonding chemicals in liquid form at various concentrations and do Raman study and DFT calculations to study the nature of hydrogen bonds. (c) SERS study of biological systems: We prepare the nano colloidals of various shape and size of coinage metals and use them for SERS enhancement for biological systems.

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